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Educational Programming

Our Education staff can design a fun program for any subject current curriculum.  Check out the sample “Science on the Rocks” program.

Science on the Rocks

A perfect hands-on learning experience that is custom tailored for elementary through high school students.  We can cover a variety of topics from basic science principals like gravity, friction, and leverage to more advanced topics such as mechanical advantage and hydraulics.

Sample Goals & Objectives

The program design is very diverse and can be used as a complete curriculum for Elementary through High School classes. It can be altered to fit into existing lesson plans, or be used as a stand-alone unit. Sample goals and objectives are:

1. To introduce a combination of simple machines including pulleys, levers, ramps, inclined planes, screws, wedges, wheels, axles and block and tackles; and to experience how simple machines help us work, and to work with them to solve problems.

2. To understand the principles of force, friction, work, energy and mechanical advantage. To demonstrate how to balance, increase and decrease forces and differentiate between sliding, rolling, and fluid friction.

3. To understand how gravity is vital to our existence, and be able to demonstrate and explain concepts related to air resistance, terminal velocity, g-forces, and Newton’s Laws of Universal Gravitation.

What is Included – other than LOTS of fun!!!

You’ll get copies of our Comprehensive teacher’s guides on friction, forces, and gravity. Each guide includes a program summary, vocabulary list, opening discussion questions, focus questions, follow-up discussion questions and a list of classroom activities. You’ll be able to borrow our simple-machine models, a selection of real rock climbing hardware including ropes, slings, pulleys, friction devices, and a selection of simple and complex anchoring mechanisms along with a replica rock crack. Lastly, we have four 25-minute educational videos on simple machines, gravity, forces and friction.


Class time: Students will view 25-minute videos that will introduce the concepts in the unit. The remaining class time will be spent examining and using the models and hardware provided as well as participating in experiential experiments relating to the material. This portion of the program can last from 1 to 5 days’ worth of class time.

What they’ve all been waiting for: Students will identify and use many simple mechanisms to ascend and descend a 32-foot mobile climbing wall. In addition to having fun, students will learn to use simple machines to change the elevation, direction and intensity of forces. They will have the opportunity to apply classroom theories and experiences to explain how and why some climbing related tasks are hard while others seem very easy.

From the raising of the climbing wall to the use of arms, legs, pulleys and ropes while ascending, rock climbing is a study of gravity, forces, friction, leverage and simple machines, proving to students once and for all that – Science Rocks!!!


  • Complete Curriculum
  • Tailored to Your Group’s Needs
  • Structured Lessons

What To Bring

Good Shoes

Most likely, we will have to hike to where we are going to climb. Be sure to bring good, comfortable hiking or jogging shoes to make walking the trail easier.

Comfortable Clothes

You will want to wear clothing that is not baggy, but will stretch when you need it to. Breathable materials are best, and multiple layers will ensure you are a comfortable temperature throughout the day. Also, if you are wearing shorts make sure they come down to at least mid-thigh.

Water & Snacks

Climbing requires a lot of energy and you will want to make sure you have plenty of water to replenish tired muscles. At least 2 quarts of water per person is recommended. Several small snacks will also keep you well-fueled throughout the day.

A Small Backpack

A small backpack will keep your things from getting lost and make it much easier to carry your items up the trail.

Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Repellent & Sunglasses

You never know exactly what conditions you will encounter at the crag and it is always best to be prepared for anything.